Descendants of Joseph Sharp
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My Sharp family from Fentress and surrounding counties inTennessee.
Surnames included are :

Abbott  Adams  Asberry  Asbury   Ball  Blake  Brooks  Brown  Cawood  
Coleman  Crawford
 Delk  Doss  Geer  Gibson  Gillispie  Goodman Grubbs  
Hagan  Halterman  Hobbs  Hoover  Innis
 Isabell  Johnston  Jones  King  
Lay  Lewis  McPeter  Miracle  Napier  Pearce  Pierce
 Plummer  Ramsey
Rhodes  Roysdon  Sexton  Sharp  Shine  Sparks  Stanley  Stewart  Wilder

I have traced my SHARP family back to Joseph  Myra Sharp. Joseph was born in
1809-11 TN, Myra born 1819 TN.  I have
NEW CENSUS info added.

In the next few pages you will find their descendants, 8 generations. I am stil
researching Joseph and Myra's heritage, and also have more of their
descendants' information that I have not yet added.

The SHARP family is very large, and there is a wealth of information on them
at the Knoxville Library, in the McClung Collection.

The Generation pages are text only, and fast loading. Please email me with
your comments and corrections, and if you are a descendant of Joseph
Sharp,definitely contact me.
Generation 1
Generations   2   3   4   5   
6   7
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